From the island of Gods, we proudly present to you our beautiful and exotic collection.

“Barong”, the mythological spirit of Bali that protects the island and it’s inhabitants.

Based in Bali, Indonesia, the paradise island of diverse culture and rich with its nature. Stemming from our ancient roots, our designs are based upon hundreds of years of tradition and culture.

In Bali, the outlook and philosophy on life is called Tri Hita Karana, which literally translates as the Three Causes to Prosperity, bringing about harmonious relationships. This universal concept ties together the relationship of a person with God , their Surroundings and humanity.

This harmonious lifestyle includes maintaining the balance of the spiritual and physical worlds. That is the true foundation of every product created by Barong Design.

Our products range from hand made, world famous Balinese silver (which is crafted by local silversmiths and artisans), traditional arts and crafts, natural aesthetic products with vegan options and a wide range international quality of distinct swimwear with local pattern and design for your summer time needs and infinite tropical feel.


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